How do I upload an app to Appstore?

I recently finished a project and I’d like to upload it on the Appstore,how do I do that?

just send an email to Apple with the code.
Nah, just kidding.
This may help you:

@Jmv38 You forgot you also need to send your name and bank details to Apple along with the code to this email: :wink: No all kidding aside its much harder than that.

@LucaLazar - start by exporting your project to xCode and get it running in the simulator and on a real device - you might need to tweak your lua code a bit to remove any debug etc, then you just treat it as any other iOS app submission - you have to do the whole itunes connect thing to create an app, add in all the meta data and create a bundle for submission. It’s a fairly longwinded process but there is plenty of help / guides online - GIYF

On average it’s about a two week turnaround from submission to release (assuming your app’s not rejected for any content / guideline issues).

Hi @techdojo, is there actually a way to run exported xcode solution in the xcode simulators? I was aware it was not possibile, and so far I only could run it on real testing devices.

Yeah just select the simulator device you want to run on and press play - it’s easier to run on the simulator than it is to run on a real device.

thanks for your reply @techdojo, however when I tried, I always got it running very slowly or anyway not normally via Xcode simulators.
When using a real device everything runs smoothly.
What do I do wrong then?

The simulator always runs slowly for me also, and the game looks super buggy, I skip the simulator test now and test it on my devices with the prerelease tab in iTunes connect.

Every app that I’ve made so far that runs good in Codea, has run good on devices.