How do I export a Codea project to Xcode on a mac?

Hello all, it’s me, Code_Maker active and here again, I recently got my first macbook and have Xcode installed. How would I go about exporting it to the mac? I’ve tried it, but nothing happened. Any suggetions would be nice. Thanks!

What did you do exactly?

Long press, export, export settings, then easiest way to transfer the file to the Mac is airdrop, then open the file in Xcode on the Mac.

@Yolo I just connected my iPad to my mac and held to export, and tried it that way. XD

@Yolojimbo2000 What version of Codea? My iPad is as old as dirt so it’s max IOS is 5.1, also, is airdrop an app? Yeah, I know, i’m completely lost. I’ve never done this before.

You should download Codea’s latest version on the ipad, then, as Yojimbo2000 explained, do a long press on the project you’d like to export, choose “export”, then “export” again at the top right, and then you can choose how you’d like your project to be sent to you… Email, dropbox, etc.

Once you’ve got it on you mac, unpack the archive, double click on the folder, double click on the .xcodeproj file. You should then be in xcode!

Ok, airdrop requires Bluetooth 4 on both devices (it’s very fast file transfer between devices ). Just use one of the other options, Dropbox or mail.

Okay, I think I got the idea now. 1 last question, do I connect my iPad to my mac?

Nevermind, I can’t even pair them my iPad is so outdated, i’ll take that code and put it into my mom’s iPad which can handle it. Thanks anyways guys. You did help me a lot. :slight_smile:

@code_maker, to export not, but to test your app you can do this, but is not necessary

No physical connection is necessary for export. Dropbox and Mail should work on older iPads, no pairing necessary.