How do I change the name of a project or edit its description? [ANSWERED]


I’m trying to change the name of a project, and add some meaningful description, but I cannot find how to do this in the interface. If I tap and hold on the project, I only get to choose between “delete” and “duplicate”. And I don’t see anything either when I’m in the project.

Am I missing something obvious here?

You’re not missing anything. There’s no way to edit the description at the moment, we’ll be putting in an interface for this soon (though not in the next update). This goes for renaming too – at the moment you can Duplicate the project, change the name, then delete the old project. I realise this is not optimal, but it gets the job done.

Also if you use a tool like iExplorer you should be able to edit your project’s description by opening up its Info.plist file and changing the appropriate values.