How Disney modelled snow in the Frozen movie

Not too many details given, but interesting

I found it pretty interesting too. I wonder how long it’ll be before it becomes possible in real time.

That’s insane. Thanks for pointing that out! (Now I wish it was snowing here.)

I so understood that! Now, let me get out my pocket Cray so I can run that in real-time.

That’ll be in the next version of Codea? [-O<

Very cool even though I din’t understand half the words he said.

@dave1707 =))

Edit: @Zoyt I to long for snow when winter time rolls back around and its all just a merry winter wonder land for the first 2 days, at which point you really get tired of having to go out and shovel every thirty minutes.

Now I really wanna make it in Codea!

I think I might be able to do the meshes/rendering, but I don’t know about 3D physics…

This isn’t possible in real-time on a top-of-the-range computer, let alone on a Lua intepreter on a tablet…

@Causeless - It think we know that, but it’s mainly dreams. But you are so correct.
@Goatboy76 - I live in Arizona (in the mountains, but not too high), so we get a snow once a year, but it usually lasts about 3 days. Last year we didn’t really get a good one, and we haven’t had one yet so… I wouldn’t care if it lasted 50 days. L)

@Zoyt Maybe those global warning conspiracy theorist were right…

I’m not kidding… I’m getting less and less snow every year. :frowning:

I wonder if I’ll have snow tomorrow, forecast is 111 in Perth X(

@Ignatz - Sadly, nothing coming my way. :frowning:

@Goatboy Here’s what I understood. It’s just particles, but there’s an object, like a Snowball, that encapsulates all the particles until collision time, when all of the Snowball’s angle and velocity are applied to the whole system. Pretty neat way of doing it. I just wish I knew more about particles and their properties to model different kinds of particles.

And the snow plow? That was gorgeous fluid dynamics. I wonder how much CPU time was required to render that sequence!

Considering what iPads can do know, wait a couple of revs. :slight_smile:

@Ignatz That really sucks! Do you have a chest freezer? It may not have any snow inside, but you can sit in it when it gets too hot. :slight_smile:

There are 2 types of people in this world: The ones that love snow, and the ones that absolutely hate it with all their gut.

@Ignatz So that’s where all the heat went. We’re just coming off a -14F low. It was -20F to -40F to our north. The coldest ever here was -20F and our hottest at 103F.

@dave1707 - our coldest ever is slightly over 32F (0C), so not even frost to speak of…

Anyone want snow, We have tons of it here in Alberta!

@Ignatz + 1

Search for “Snow” on CC.

It took a few hours but it was totally worth it. The terrain shader uses a perlin noise float I got off of the internet.

@SkyTheCoder, Thats Really good! Of course, Snow comes from Sky, lol!