How can i use the new function " + New Text File " ?


how can i use the new function " + New Text File " ?
can i have an exemple


When you press + New Text File, it will open a file where you can key in text. You can then use the new functions “readText” and “saveText” in a project to access that file. What you want to use it for is up to you. Each project will have its own folder instead of using Dropbox or Documents.

ok very interesting functions thanks dave1707

To be a total idiot… where are you seeing this? I don’t see anything showing “new text file” when I hit + in a project. I’m clearly looking in the wrong place.

@Mark it’s in the asset browser, if you open it from the main screen or from inside the picker for the readText() function then you’ll see it.

perhaps use this text function for new version of cider :)>-