how can i get codea for free?

i had some trouble getting the ipad but i did it, i dont have an credit card to buy the app on the appstore but i have a dream to be a developer, how can i get codea for free? love this app

You can buy yourself a gift pre-paid card in any big store to buy apps in app store. Starts at 15€. Ask your Dad.

Does anyone know if you can activate an iPad account using an iTunes/App card that hasn’t been activated, just using it’s card number. If that’s the case, he can get the FREE apps from the AppStore. Mabe a FREE version of Codea can be created. One that allows you to run the examples, look at the reference manual, or key in a program up to a certain size, but doesn’t allow you to save anything.

As I recall, you don’t need to register a credit card with an iTunes account - did it for my Granny a few weeks ago, simply bought her an iTunes Gift card and it credited it to her account, although we managed to download free apps without the gift card.

yeah but in brazil there is no appstore :frowning:

Brazil has an appstore.

Having said that - I’m not sure Codea is available in it, because of Brazil’s particular software laws (which, to be fair, are what gave rise to Lua to begin with). TLL should know for sure.

PS. There was a thread on this some time ago:

I suspect it may be illegal - but if I were you, I’d jump thru the hoops necessary to set up an itunes account in another country.

Codea should be available in the Brazilian App Store.

Games are not allowed on the Brazilian App Store — Codea briefly (in version 1.2.x) had its secondary category set to “Games - Simulation” which caused it to disappear in Brazil until I changed it back to a non-game category.

i ment an really appstore, a phisical one, there is no place to buy this cards, i will try something else, ty guys

at least in the US, getting a prepaid credit card is easy; I can also go to the supermarket or any big bookstore and but an apple gift card. I’d suggest Amazon, which certainly has them, but you’re back to “how do you pay without a credit card” again.

You can also convince someone to gift it to you :slight_smile:

hahaha aciolino, good choice, i’m here if you want to donate