How can I extract the source code of a running app?

I am trying to create a way to extract the source from a project so that I can archive it, but I don’t see any way to get to the source programmatically. I can get to the running instance of variables and functions with

    print ("---vars")
    for k,v in pairs(self) do
        print (k)
        print (v)
        print ("-")

print ("---functions")
    for k,v in pairs(self.__index) do
        print (k)

But I can’t really get inside of “k”, above. Anyone have any ideas?


Is this what you’re after.

Codea 1.5 should have functions for reading and writing tabs from your own code - it should be straightforward to do this sort of thing then.

The way I solved this particular problem was to jailbreak my ipad, and use rsync. :slight_smile:

No jailbreak here…and on ios 6 :frowning:

@dave1707 yes, that’s what I was looking for.