How can i edit/crop a Photo

So i want to make an app where you can edit or especialy crop a photo which you have just shot with the camera.
I have already the code for the camera but the photo wich i took isn’t saved it is just down the camera screen.
The code is just the simple code from the exemples.

So i want to Save the photo and i want that the screen changes to the photo after shooting it. So i can edit or crop it.

where do you want to save it?

To crop a photo, you could use:
newImage = oldImage:copy(start, end, width, height)

and only render newImage until you save (to "Documents:…newImage?)

Ok tanks i’ll try this

phknestel 8:49AM Edit
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Ok that’s much better now. So I want to make an app that can shoot photos.= easy The idea is that I make something like emoji only with photos I have taken by myself. So I can send them like the smileys in emoji. So the problem is when I take the photo it isn’t saved (nearly the same code like in the example of camera). So when I take another photo the old one is deleted. That’s the first problem. Second: when it is saved I want to crop or edit them so you can see more details when you send it to another person. Third: I want the photo that I have just made and processed will be inserted into the keyboard. Like in emoji so I can send “smileys” which are saying more than the winning.

Hope now it is clear. Thank you in advance.


First / change the name of the photo when you save a new one? (read the documentation on saving images).
Second/ create an image B of the target size, sprite your image A into B using setContext(B) (read the doc for that).
Third/ you cannot insert anything in the keyboard. You could sprite your text into an image, and you B picture in it too, then send the whole image to sbdy. But it is a lot of work…

Ok thanks