@Prynok agreed: we can certainly also indicate the good direction with doing all the code.

@Ignatz More like “I want this, this, and this. I want it done in five minutes.”

It drives me insane when someone asks for something, and ten minutes complains about no replies.

a] Try it yourself

b] Google it

c] Ask nicely on the forums if all else fails. They did none of these.

  1. Wait maybe half an hour for @dave1707 to answer it or wait a good day or two for someone else

  2. Actually make an attempt to cooperate and have a basic understand of Lua. Making an actual game takes a lot of time and work, if you polish it a lot people will like it, and from what I’ve seen from @Zoyt’s app, it’s taken him a good month or two.

  3. Read the FAQs

  4. Read the unwritten rules

Hmmm… some boards/forums get around a lot of these problems by having a General Discussions section and a Beginners section…etc…

Maybe this would filter out a lot of the really basic/obvious/naive questions from the main discussion threads?

@Prynok I felt like doing some good on the Roblox forum. First posts on there…







(I’m Slywarp)

That place is a nightmare…

I like how they complain every 4 minutes about how no one has fixed it yet.

There’s a massive sea of people asking things, and a few people answering them. If they don’t get a reply in five minutes, they bump it or complain about how it’s taken so long.

One thread got about two or three replies and they couldn’t figure it out, and the person renamed it to something like “no scripter can figure it out.” Overreaction much?

:-B I think if we add a section to the forums called Students and enter at our own risk, that might solve the problem

I think we are being a bit harsh. Trying to bash them into a new section where there is a warning saying enter at your own risk? I understand how its rude, but instead of calling them out and bashing their self-esteem, we could help them by giving them pointers. Of course, I’m not the leader of the Codea army, so you can do whatever you want <):slight_smile:

I find this a very interesting topic.

This topic comes to mind every time I post a question here and even so, I’d be surprised if no one has thought that I’ve pushed it a little.

Theres always the trolls and trollers be trollen BUT there’s is a problem with the unwritten rules as @SkyTheCoder mentioned . The problem is that, while unwritten rules may work in social scenes, they don’t work on the internet. For example, I have often wondered if I have been breaking an “unwritten rule” or forum etiquette and people where snickering at me secretly.

I propose that “people” say something to commoner “violators” about what there doing wrong. Who knows, maybe some of “them” just don’t know how much there taking advantage of some people or maybe they know but don’t think others think so.

I didn’t mean to be rude, but it seems like they want us to do their work, then just take credit, which is plagarism, which I have a unique disgust for and “Dislike”(Hate is too strong a word) deeply. Sorry if I came off rude

Yes, it just seems like they want us to do everything for them…

@Goatboy76 You never seemed like someone who wanted us to do your homework to me…

I don’t think steering beginners/noobs/students into some sort of ‘newbies’ forum area is a bad one, although on reflection, there’s no guarantee they’ll use it and would only escalate and bump their question into a General Discussions forum if they don’t get an answer. :-/

I guess this sort of thing happens on all software/coding forums. I’m on a few pro Maya ones and we always get the ‘How do I make a fire-breathing Dragon?’ style question every week which always annoys everyone - although collective silence is a very good response to really stupid questions :wink:

I am still a beginner, but i understand the people who ask for code sometimes.
They want something they think they will understand and after a few questions they will have enough code to understand simple pieces of code.
After that i think they will make their own code so they only need help with complicated stuff like 3D and that stuff.

Okay, I’m ready to make the new section now.

After reading thru all of the suggestions above, and the posts elsewhere, I came to the following conclusion. Tutorials can be written and posters can be directed to them, but they can’t be made to read them. It doesn’t matter how many times a poster is told to “try to do it yourself first”, they don’t. The posters who truely want to learn will do it themselves, then ask. The posters who want to program, but it’s still beyond their grasp, will always ask for help, because it just doesn’t make sense yet. So I will continue to help anyone who ask for it. It doesn’t matter if you try first, or you just want someone to write code for you. Hopefully, some will learn from what I post while others will just use it for what it is. As long as it’s fun and others are learning, that’s what we’re here for. Besides, I’m sitting in the middle of a snow storm just watching the snow pile up.

PS Time to go shovel the driveway for the 3rd time.

Looks like we got a new way of asking things…
Now they ‘challenge’ us to make a tutorial and send them the source code…


Just so we don’t keep arguing over this I think there should be another topic called “do my homework” XD

@TheRogueBatcher It’s not really something to laugh about, it wears you down after a while…

I know… I’m just trying to think possitively