Hmm... I can't quite place it. Spam maybe?

Someone (@Macdougal) really wants us to buy some jewelry. How nice of him to offer suggestions. Yes, we have more spammers. Yipee! Just kidding.

Taken care of. He’s gone to a better place…

Yipee! Again with @john2morgan

With this new person: @ManuelUrraca.
I’m pretty sure he broke a record. (@Simeon)

Yeah, 68 spam posts. Deleted the account and all content.

Silly spammers, Don’t they know not to mess with the programmers <):slight_smile:

i cant’t understand those peoples

@Prynok - Haha.
@SkyTheCoder - You’re program is great at finding spammers, but it doesn’t automatically delete them. To be useful, it’d have to interface with the forums with PHP, or rewrite it as a Vanilla plugin.

@Zoyt that may sound better then it actually is, his system is good, but if I’m not mistaken, if someone enters those keywords, then they get detected. What if some person used the keywords in a way which was not spam, but they still got reported?

@Luismi - Some people just watch the world burn…
@Prynok - We still have to devise a good method to block them.

@Zoyt I thought you were calling out spammers, and I was one of them :-(( . But yeah, we do need to come up with a system to block them

There’s my spam searching program… I’ve been working on it. I can make its own discussion later, updated.

@Prynok So far, I haven’t found anyone who used these templates.

@Zoyt I was looking into writing a comment to report them… Still working on that. Right now though, my project (not the code that I shared a while ago, new not shared yet) lets you double-tap on the screen if there’s a spammer to open the spam report thread.

@Zoyt and SkyTheCoder. re: spam detection- Delete the spam, or delete the spammers? I would prefer the spammers be rehabilitated by allowing them the privilege of tidying up roadsides, but if deletion is the only solution…

@syntonica - Most of the spam is bots, not real people. So there’s no point in letting botsget another chance at not being spam. These forums get a spam attak about once or twice a week, which is really annoying, but they get taken care of quickly.

@Zoyt ah, yes! But unless Skynet has achieved consciousness, there are humans behind those bots. I find spammers, human or virtual, to be incredibly annoying, wasting of my time, bandwidth, patience, etc.

Edit: I seem to be sounding like an old crank. I’m scuttling off back to my hole now… :slight_smile: