Hiring a Codea Programmer

I am not a master at Lua code and I think my code may be written poorly, however it works fine and I doubt restructuring it would make any difference. But do any of the codea admins/mods sell their programming services?

The price we charge here depends on what you do. If you try to write the code and ask us questions, then our services are free as we help you. If you do nothing and want us to do everything, then you can’t afford what we charge.

@FearMe2142 Let me rephrase my response above. If you do nothing and want me to do everything, then you can't afford what I would charge. I can’t say what any of the other programmers would do or charge, you’ll have to wait for their response.

Well @dave1707 , maybe @FearMe2142 just won the lottery…

He didn’t win it yet. The powerball lottery is now 1.3 billion dollars, that’s $1,300,000,000.00 and will probably go higher before the next drawing. Got to go out and get my tickets. If I win that, I’ll code whatever he wants for free. Or maybe I’ll just hire someone else to do it for him.

EDIT: Now 1.4 billion

@dave1707 , you already calculated your chance to win? :s

The chances are 1 in 292,201,338 . I have 10 numbers, so my chances are 1 in 29,220,134 . Not good, but better than if I didn’t buy any tickets.

Jackpot is now 1.5 billion and still climbing.

@dave1707 - surely your payoff = 1.5b / 29220134 / n

Where n is the number of other people with the same numbers as you?

Also, receiving a flat $47,000 pa for 30 years is worth a lot less than $1.5b because of inflation and lost earnings. If you take the lump sum option instead, you only get about half of that.

And then there are substantial taxes.

It’s still a nice prize after all that, if it cost nothing to enter, but is it worth the price of the ticket? I doubt it, so I never buy lottery tickets. (Here in Australia, only about 60% of lottery ticket proceeds are put back into prizes, so it is clearly a bad “investment”).

After taxes, the payout would be about $561,000,000. The cost of a ticket is $2, so my 10 tickets cost $20. That’s not a bad return if I win. So far I’ve put a lot more into the lottery than I’ve gotten out. But at least I’m making other people who win happy. They way I look at it, my numbers have the same chance of coming up as any other set of numbers.

So, at $2 per ticket, you could buy every combination for a mere $584,402,676. Then as long as you win it (which you must) on your own not splitting with anyone else you’ll almost break even if your after tax amount is right.

@spacemonkey But first you would have to fill out tickets for every combination and then stand in line while they scan each one. Tonight’s the drawing, I’m not holding my breath. If no winner tonight, probably 2 to 2.5 billion next time.

@spacemonkey - apparently, 75% of the numbers have been chosen at least once, so you would probably have to share the winnings with at least one person, cutting them by at least half!

None of the lotteries give you full value for your money, but it’s all about the dream of winning a fortune. As a bonus if you do win, you get to meet all the relatives you never knew you had, and find out why they could do with some of your money!