Hidden object problem

I am in the middle of a coding and I am having an issue here. Don’t know whether it’s a bug or my fault.
Well… Just giving an example what I have done.
On the starting screen I got few buttons and if I tap on any button it goes to corresponding screen which contains some other object such as buttons and text field. It’s all good up to here. When I go back to the first screen (there is another button to go back to main screen) I can see the first screen fine but the mystery is hidden object from the second screen. If u tap on a particular point on the screen where there was say a button it does the same thing that was done in the second screen.

Is that a bug or I m missing something.

Please help.


Is your touch routine aware of what is being displayed? Just because you aren’t currently drawing an object, if you check to see if it’s been touched, based on coordinates, you can still get a positive reply.

Seeing the code would be helpful.

Thanks mark. I have already resolved the issue. I just put the touch routines inside a condition so only current screen will be able to handle the touches.