Hi people of codea! And water FX code!!!!!

Hi I’m Connorbot999 but you can Coll me Connor.

•codea is my personal best app.

•you ar the best at code on lua.

•I’m rubbish at code but I :X lua and codea

•I’m a bad at gramer and text.

•I live for iPad

Question:how dow you past code on the forms? (solve)

So I can payst code

^:)^ I^:)^ Hayoll ^:)^ You :-bd

Sorey about my spelling :-((

You can post code by putting “~~~” on a line on it’s own before and after your code.

Like This!




I :X You @Bortels

My first code is up ther on the first comment. :smiley:

(is a water FX)