Hi, I'm new to codea, need help...

Hello, I’m new to codea, and I am trying to make a TextBox.
I’ve already copied the Button-s class in SoundButton, and edited it…
But I need some help with text-boxes.
I want to create a text-box ( parameter.text() ), but I don’t know, how to make a textpanel in the screen??
Can someone plz give me the class-scriptcode for it? Plz.

Hi, welcome to the forum

Try searching for “textbox” in the custom search box at top right of screen. Textboxes have been discussed many times.

Ok, @Ignatz, my question will be here: I made a text value


and then I edited in one function this parameter. Why there were two texts on them, I mean there wasn’t edited the txt -value, there was created a new text label

And I don’t understand, in the FAQ by Simeon is standing to make a code block with a specified language - I don’t understand how

see how I changed your first post above, put three ~ on an empty line, before and after your code.

I mean, there is a specified language lua

-- test
self.x = x