Hi im new to codea and i need to figure out how to make my space ship sprite shoot. Please help!

A few days ago i started on codea and now trying to make a game i need to know how to shoot a missil from my sprite when someone touches the screen. Any help?

There are several steps

  1. know when (and where) someone touches the screen
  2. what the missile looks like (is it a sprite, a line, ??)
  3. what do you want the missile to do?
  4. what happens if it hits something or goes off the screen?

Which step do you need help with?

I think all i need is help with the when and where someones touches the screen.

see if this helps


Have a look at this tute as well: http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/tutorial-14-spacewar-extended-ship-class.html

Okay. Thanks guys i think i got it!