Hi I am new and nid help with the physics options

Hi I am new and do not deal since work the options of physic my first language is Spanish but a bit of English
It wanted to know if you help me to understanding better the options of physic

Help me plis :-S

Juanjo, ask more specific questions and it will be easier to help you.

Oummmm ok i want to know how to create a physic body and draw it on scrren

I’ll work on a very simple physics example. The Codea example is a little complex. By the way, not all of us are awake at 7:19 AM my time. Trust me, you usually get a response withing 2 hrs unless it’s in the middle of the night :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you very much

Take a look at this other post on the forum (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/547/physics-help)