Hexagon mesh plus other bits updated to alpha 1.1

I like to thanks the following people @tnlogy @dave1707 @Luatee @BriarFox without there help I would not have done this part of my project. Name is JumpMap

I have uploaded it to CC link http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/CC/alpha/index.php?v=1444 so please could you have a look and rip it to bits, any help making it better would be helpful. Also please be aware this is my first attempt at this.
Double tap the hex will display the hex infomation.

Json lib added


Note this part using the http request and I had to get permission from the site owner to use their api.

@Jazmal you’ve forgotten to include a json library I get basically error Worlds 35: json is nil

Sorry I had it added dependencies I will update CC with json included.

CC updated to alpha 1.1

@Jazmal to grab a CC link long press your version number and select copy. :slight_smile: Now, to check out your project!

@Jazmal I like it, the UI is nice and easy and there’s obviously been a lot of time put in to it!

Thanks @Luatee I started this last November doing bits between work and family, I will call this complete unless people have better ways of doing it and start on the next part. My project is split into 7 sections and this was the first part., 5 more to do and the last one should be the front end to join all parts together.

good coding. :slight_smile:

think I will read this article sometime, looks interesting. would be nice with a hexagon tile library for creating games.


@tnlogy, I’ve begun to code it ^^

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Here is a small snippet with some code I wrote yesterday evening, touch to draw a hexagon grid.


added a range function to the gist above as well. and field of view function and line drawing.