Heroes War: Game idea

Having some time on my hand, I downloaded codea a couple of weeks back to try programming games again. the last time I did it was a decade ago in college. I must say LUA/codea is very easy to use compared to the old days. I thought I would start with something small, a standard castle-defence like game, but with a two-player option. One-player would have a simple RPG-storyline.

I have gotten the basic game engine done, using mostly placeholder sprites from online sources (will replace them with original art in the final release of course!) to test the look-n-feel. Wanted to get some views on this. Also, I am looking for a decent sprite artist (unpaid) to help out.

Will upload a working version once I have designed the 1st ten stages.
Meanwhile, here’s some screenshots:

Looks great. Must be huge work…

It seems really interesting.
Waiting for a first release !

The engine is mostly done and we have managed to engage a company for the sprite/gfx. Hope to put it all together soon.

We keep a game developer journal here:

Unfortunately, it can’t be compiled on lovecodea because we are heavy on mesh(). Sprite was too slow. hence, we can’t share the working demo. Will have to wait for the release :slight_smile:

Almost 2 months since last update. Been busy integrating works from concept artist and musician.

More updates on blog: http://heroeswar.blogspot.sg/

Should be calling for Beta-tester soon.

Wow, that looks amazing @zapaper. Not sure how I missed this the first time.

Must be a huge project, how are you managing it?

It’s getting tough to manage the different pieces, but thankfully the end is in sight! Codea is really a good prototyping platform to test your ideas easily.

I will be asking for Beta-testers in another thread. Hope to hear useful suggestions and critiques.

Uploaded the game trailer. Shall be submitting soon. fingers crossed


Wow, @zapaper, you have some amazing work there. The art is beautiful and it looks like a huge project. Congratulations on finishing it!

It looks really nice well done.
I would be very interested if you could do some kind of write up about your development process.

Is it a one coder operation - if not how did you manage the team / code sharing?
How far you used Codea on the ipad through development (or did you get to a point where you swapped over to using XCode and the Codea runtime)
How did you manage the artwork pipeline, how did you get your artwork inside your app.
How did you manage the iPhone build with different screen resoultions

These would be some really useful tips to a lot of Codea users looking to actually use their iPads for as much of the complete dev process as possible.

I pretty much wrote most of it at a cafe or before bedtime; basically a hobby. :slight_smile: The graphics/music/gameplay integration had a lot of trail and error. Once it’s complete I’d be happy to share some of the lessons I learnt. :slight_smile:

Look forward to it :slight_smile:

Where’s the code?

@lruizlopez137 This is an App Store app (which I have and is awesome), not free and open source on here. Please stop bumping old discussions.

Yeah stop @iruizlopez137

Na I do the same thing don’t stop @iruizlopez137

Thanks for backing me up @slenderbr0147

@SlenderBr0147, @Iruizleopez137 - This app is on the app store, so the code isn’t going to be shared. Please don’t only take from the Codea community. If you’re going to use our code, then you should also contribute code. If everyone only took from others, then there’d be nothing up here.