Here's where to start in Codea and Lua

There’s been plenty of “Where do I learn to code?” or “Where do I start with Codea?” questions recently, so I thought it wouldn’t be bad to post all the resources here:

For Lua

For Codea

When you have a question, always Google it first.
I’ll be updating this as I find more resources. Please let me know if I missed something.
Happy learning!
P.S. @Simeon - This might be a good sticky thread.

I agree with all the above, and would just add that I think it’s important to learn some Lua first, before trying to understand any of the demo projects or writing your own code. I realise that Lua isn’t the exciting graphics part of Codea, but without it, you can’t write any code at all.

@Ignatz I learned most of Lua basically by looking at other people’s work and seeing how it all works, actually.

It was before Codea was around. I’m sure the demos could give people the feel of what Lua is exactly like, but I do partially agree with you.

@Ignatz, I totally agree and your ebook is super helpful!

Updated to move Lua first and added to look at examples.