Oh thanks you guys

I would like to know how in some games you tap to start. How does that work?

That also uses a if then statement

Yes I know but how does it work?

Well do you know about game states…?

If you do:

create a new game state, splashscreen or so

and in that function, add some code that changes the game state when the screen’s touched…

@Mcordova I’m not sure what you mean. but it works with ones and zeros, ones mean true, and zeros mean false. When you program in a IDE, it turns it into ones and zeros.

Or if your wanting to know how to make that then do:

function setup()
start = false

function draw()

if start == false then
("Tap screen to start", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

elseif start == true then
text("Game time!, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

function touched(t)
start = true

I have a program that utilizes touch to alter between game states, it’s called Tilt Island and it is a great code to look at because it’s very well rounded inbterms of code content. Check it out on CC

@Ignatz 's Lua and Codea eBooks really helped me get past the first fog bank @Mcordova18.