Help with Xcode

My game looks just fine in Codea but when I import it to Xcode and run it on my iPad the scale is way off. I am not sure why. I have another game I made that works just fine.



How are you doing your scaling and positioning? All fixed numbers relative to WIDTH and HEIGHT?

Make sure to run supported orientations outside the setup function, it was messing up my code when I ran it on iphones for some reason

Yes all fixed numbers. I tried defining WIDTH and HEIGHT with no luck. I set it up as ipad only and landscape only.

Have you tried moving the supportedorientations() and displaymode() functions outside of the setup functions if they’re there?

Also, make sure you do FULLSCREN_NO_BUTTONS before submitting. Those buttons at the bottom will get the app rejected.

@Mr_Ninja No I haven’t tried moving them out of the setup function. I will give that a try.

@Crumble Thanks for the tip! This is definitely not ready for submission but when I do submit I will take the buttons off.

I was working on submitting another app and decided just to try this one and see what it looked like. My other app worked perfectly so I was very surprised when this one did not work even though both apps use the same formula to create the grid.

I always put my supportedOrientations() and displayMode() above the setup() function outside of any functions. It is buggy inside of setup and is probably your problem.

@Crumble @Mr_Ninja I finally got to trying it and your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks!