Help with meshes please!

I am very good with tables and math, but my weakness has always been graphics. Now passing the point where I am happy with a flappy bird game made up of just a few rectangles, I would like to start improving my graphics without using sprites, as I envy the fast frame rate many of you coding wizards in the codea community can achieve using meshes. Also I really think they look cool! But I always have trouble implementing them in my code. Can anyone give me a tutorial or explain meshes to me? Thank you!

@TheSolderKing Ignatz has some tutorials on 3D and meshes here

Thank you @Coder!

No problem. I used those tutorials too

@TheSolderKing - don’t worry, we all find meshes hard to start with!

Thank you @Ignatz for the wonderful tutorials! Thanks @Coder for the recommendation!