help to finish the game and get a% of sales

My game will be released next week, but I need some help in order to fix bugs and add something. Help and get a percentage of sales from 10 of November.

Big promises. Nothing more.

Some time ago he contacted me and asked for help on a game. In fact he wants a clone of Zed’s Alchemy. - And I honestly don’t beliefe, he has rights to publish his clone, under this circumstances. - I tried briefly and send him a piece of buggy code. It wasn’t the full working game, but hey, it was a starting point. And I thought that he and his (imaginary) team will finish it. But since then nothing happened. He didn’t proceed and asked every day for more fixes and features, by promising me each time A LOT of money (and success and whatnot), when the game goes online. I quit immediately. But he continued to spam. Time passed a little and he slowly forgot me. But as I was more active these day on the forums, he noticed it, and began contacting me again. He finally understood that I wasn’t interested and began to beg instead of being clever and tricky.

I just wanted to warn all of you. Be careful whom you trust.

we made the game, but there is something that we do not afford. I can give the trailer, screenshots, report, etc., only you do not ask for nothing.

He agreed to help me make the game empty, but at one point I gave up, and within a month I had to do what I can not. I can provide a trailer for the game, and the report on the work and I assure you that the game will be released on Tuesday, if I can fix bugs. After all, I’m even willing to pay to your work.

… pay what? Percentage on sales, wich could fail to materialize? You cannot predict this business, nor can we your promises. I’ll stop replying here. Build your own opinion.

@iceman why not post the videos, screenshots etc here?

above presents a video game. who’s ready to help the project in exchange for % of sales. write!