Help needed with meshes being blurred when scaled.

Hi there!

New to code and loving (nearly!) every minute of it so far.

App is coming along nicely, but I have a question on something that’s puzzling me:

My app has a retro feel and I’m using sprites on a sprite sheet and being put to screen using the mesh() functionality rather than sprite().

The trouble is that scaling the mesh to get my 32x32 sprites then right size on the screen, results in the whole sprite becoming blurred - it’s like it’s adding a bilinear filter to the magnification rather than simply scaling up pixel by pixel.

It’s a real problem, the only way around being to resize every 32x32 sprite to 128x128 before I save it.

Any ideas on how to stop the blurring?

Many thanks,


@arranyn - the problem could be the anti-aliasing which Codea uses. It would show up as fuzziness on very small images. If so, I’m not sure of the best solution, because this can’t be turned off.

Found it - calling noSmooth() prior to the mesh:draw() does the trick :slight_smile:


Thanks anyway :slight_smile: