Help! My project is crashing and I don't know why! :((

Point of correction: I thought constantly-increasing memory use was something I was doing wrong.

It appears this is just something Codea does.

And it’s not constantly-increasing, it’s cycling. Even in a project just drawing a rect onscreen, my overlay with @Yojimbo2000’s profiler shows the memory use rising slowly to around 1000, resetting itself to around 400, and starting again.

there is automatic garbage collection every minute or so, which is why it drops suddenly

(it doesn’t collect garbage often because it hurts performance)

Yes, the cycling and automatic collection is normal. But if you are constantly redefining large images, you do occasionally need to give it a hand with collectgarbage().

@yojimbo2000, you seem to have hit the nail on the head. Many, many thanks.

No problem, glad it worked.