help for print command 1.5.2(18)

Its probably because I am very new to CODEA but I can’t get help regarding the print f (eye button - type print in the search field - get no response)

I don’t believe Lua has a printf function, just print. To concatonate a value to a string use … i.e.

value = 10
print("The value is " .. value .. "!")

You might want to look at the string.format() command under the Lua tab.

Please ignore the single f after print in my question.
I have wondred about options of the print command.

print (pos.x) …

Oh, I thought you meant printf, because that’s a thing in some programming languages…

There’s not much to the print function, you just call print(String). It’s the String that can be complicated.

@DaDo - may be wrong but do you want to print to the screen at a set position?

print() outputs text to the sidebar.

Use text(“string of choice”, pos.x, pos.y) to place text on the main screen. Use fill() for the colour and fontSize() for the size of your font.

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