Hello - I'm new to this community

Hey All,

You may have seen me in one of my other threads :slight_smile: Didn’t go as we’ll as I thought it would, However I’ve decided to introduce myself,

My name is Jack, I’m from Ireland, I’ve been developing for 4 years, Mainly Lua, I’m a 100% Corona SDK developer, It’s quite different to codea, Apart from the language itself of course! It’s a very new experience developing on my iPad,

You can view my website here: http://thermo-apps.com

I also run a small online marketplace for developers for game assets like sounds, graphics and code: http://ThatDeveloperMarket.com

I look forward to integrating with the community here,

Thank you,


Welcome aboard Jack! Should be fun to see what you can come up with in codea. If you have any questions please feel free to post them up. We have a very intelligent and helpful group of people around here!

I shall look forward to communicating with you all, Thanks for the warm welcome @briarfox !!

Hello @ThermoApps. You are welcome on this forum. Since you explained in another thread you are an indie (=independant game developper?) and so you try to make a living out selling games, you have to be aware that most of us (i think) are just casual developpers, who share freely their developpents with others, in a win-win positive relationship, but with a lot of respect for copyrights if we end up to publish our own app some day thanks to Codea Xcode exporter. Up to now this has worked really well, and i hope you will strongly contribute to lift up our small community by sharing your LUA knowledge and experience. Thanks for your help.

Hey jmv38,

No - net necessarily make a living out of mobile games, Just support/hobby/freelance sort of thing, Codea projects would primarily be for myself to publish - If I do decide to publish,

I mostly do corporate freelance projects with Corona & have a part time Job with PM Group, For marketing & Graphics.

Thanks - As I said to a previous user, This is all new to me as I come from a more “professional” view on development (Not saying you guys aren’t professionals, I’m just saying, The communities I’d come from would be doing this as their day job - a bit like myself) I’m coming to codea to work on my own projects, And still do my job at the same time - Which is basically corporate projects anyway,

I too hope to lift up this community :slight_smile:

To let users here who are working on any games, I’m giving away some free graphics here that you all can use in your games (commercial or not) -

Platformer graphics pack (free) http://thatdevelopermarket.com/?product=cute-platformer-pack
Medieval button styles for photoshop (free)


The forum threads are full of good stuff.

Here is a nice summary, just posted


We look forward to sharing with you.

Welcome to the Codea Forums!

Thanks man :slight_smile: Awesome link!
@CodeaNoob Thanks Mate :slight_smile:

Welcome! Codea is a terrific tool, and the community that’s grown up around it has been extraordinarily generous and helpful. I think you’ll fit right in.

Thanks Mate! It’s great to get such nice welcomes! Codea is a excellent tool!,