has anyone written an image browser?

I recently posted a simple drawing project. I’d like to be able to save and load images with it.

I can figure out the basics to start from: read the project directory to find any images, read each image and draw it to a separate small preview image, draw them all to a larger image on a regular grid, allow the user to scroll through the larger image, something in that vein.

I searched the forums to see if anyone had shared any of that kind of code before and didn’t find anything.

It’s sometimes hard to locate things people have shared here, though, so I thought I’d ask if anybody knows of any posts with code for displaying / selecting lots of images, or with a save/load interface, or anything like that.

Ring any bells for anyone?

Do a search for ‘sprite picker’ on the forum

Do you mean a minimap?

I wrote this ages ago: https://codea.io/talk/discussion/1318/i-have-just-published-stripgrid-an-image-selector-library-for-codea-projects