has anyone here made an app that is universal for all devices?

I’m just wondering how it came out.

Majormorgan’s discussion has some good information.


You can look at StackIt on the App Store.

@zoyt ok cool i will

Scramwords is universal. I used a variable for width and height so I could substitute different values while in development to test the sizing and placement of elements. The size of individual pixels between the iPhone and iPad isn’t that different, so limiting the pixels on the iPad screen gives a nice phone-sized space to test against.

@time_trial thanks!

@jrohanian I found it straightforward once I used the advice of everyone who posted on my thread about using WIDTH and HEIGHT and building your game off of a percentage of that.

Up until then I was hard coding pixel measurements for positions and sizes and by the time it appeared on the iphone from ipad development everything was way too big for the screen.

Have a read through the thread time_trial linked and see how it developed.

I hope to have my game live on Monday that is universal!

I simply created a global variable that I called “gScale”. Since my app mostly scales according to the width, it’s value is WIDTH/768 (since 768 pixels is the width it was optimized for). Then, anything I wanted to scale, I just multiplied by gScale.

that makes a lot of sense, thanks. I couldn’t think of a way to do it and i was thinking i would have to learn how to do it inside of xcode (gasp)

stackit looks good on 3.5" Mark

scramwords* too many names

@jrohanian, one word: edit

@JakAttak - 2 1/2 words: agreed, and unecessarypost :slight_smile: