Happy new year!

Happy new year to every Codea users!
I want to wish everyone good luck and good codes (what’s the fun of coding)
Special Thx to @Simeon (Codea’s owner) and of course to @Dylan, @John, @yojimbo2000, @Andrew_Stacey, @Ignatz, @jmv38 and to @dave1707

First I want to say sorry for my messages (Spam) to @yojimbo2000, I hope you understand that I am only a child

And I wish to everyone good coding, good ideas merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Then I would also say Thx to @West, @yojimbo2000, @ignatz and for @dave1707 for the help! And I hope you will get good look for the fireworks!

Same to you @TokOut.

How old are you, btw? Boy, girl? Out of curiosity :wink:

12, boy; I don’t understand the third question

@quezadav a little bit to late, not?