GYROSHIP! [now in a gist!!]

Okay, so, I’ve been working on this for a while. It’s far from complete, and requires a GREAT deal of polish. I hope to eventually make it into a full scale app though, and I thought id give the community here a little taste, and take some suggestions from them! (PS: I know it needs more menu-ey stuff and graphical upgrades, I’m working on that already, I need gameplay suggestions)

Old version:

Version 1.0:

Version 1.1 (newest):
Now with sounds! (Please, feel free to suggest any ideas you have for the game; changes to sounds, gameplay suggestions, etc.)

Ah, well, Then maybe I’ll use two to mess with peoples’ heads :stuck_out_tongue:

@Monkeyman32123 - how does it work?

eg what does Break Lasso do? (btw if you mean a lassoo as in rope lassoos, it has two o’s).

It has two o’s !!!..well shoot, I ought to fix that.
Ok: so you tap somewhere between the two guide circles around the ship to draw a LASSOO (<- gotta get used to that), or alternately you can hold on the screen and release the touch somewhere between those two circles (if you’re in the boundaries, a guide circle and crosshairs will be drawn showing you that a lassoo can be made). When a Lassoo is made, the ship will move in a circular motion rather than a linear one about the lassoo. “Break lassoo” breaks the lasso to return the ship to its linear motion. The velocity buttons change the velocity of the ship (in pixels per frame) to the amount shown on the button and the “turnaround” button does just that, it makes the ship do a 180. There are triangles that appear on the screen (on the top and the left) showing where a laser is to hit, and when the triangles get flattened the laser will come. As the game goes on more and more lasers will appear and you will have less time to avoid them and they will last longer.

EDIT: @ignatz I can’t find anything about it having 2 O’s, so, I’m going to continue with one o for now, don’t take offense, it’s nothing personal ;p

@Monkeyman32123 - actually either spelling seems to be ok, but yours is more common.

Thanks @Ignatz, I honestly forgot github even existed :stuck_out_tongue:
Updated now and in a lovely gist file \^-^/

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@Monkeyman32123 - even better, put it in a gist or in CC, then it’s easier to download and more people will try it. It’s too big to post here.

Updated! Now with game over screen and scores! (My apologies, still no "high score chart)

I’ve been off for a while, but I saw this project just now, and looks really interesting, keep on the good work @Monkeyman32123

Thank you very much ^-^
It has a long way to go, but I plan to keep working on it til it is finely polished and presentable, and I think I can do it

Gyroship has now been updated to version 1.0! :smiley: (I gave it version names now as it appears to be coming to fruition)

I like how this is comming along :slight_smile:

[double post]

Thank you @stevon8ter :slight_smile: I’ve been working very hard on it. My next goal is an instructions screen to make it more player-friendly and perhaps another way to get points (or something to make getting points easier). Then when codea 2 comes I plan to add music. Then more effects and such to make it a bit flashier. :smiley:

Now out: Gyroship v1.1! Details in original post!

Great work! I really got myself playing a long time … 5 is my best score so far …