Great presentation by Simeon yesterday...

Despite an initial technical hiccup, @Simeon’s presentation at the One More Thing Conference ( in Melbourne yesterday went really well. It was great to hear the story of Codea’s development (and CargoBot and Crabitron). The Codea community (i.e. all of you) got a rap for your part in making Codea such a success. Simeon’s premise that a successful app launch depends on the app having a story was interesting. I will think about this for my next app. For those that missed the presentation, some time soon you will be able to download a video of all the presentations from the conference using the link above.

The CrabStarter idea is so good it deserves to succeed - I had somehow managed to miss this (have a look here - if you did as well).

The conference was at the Australian Centre for Moving Images (, which I hadn’t been to before but is probably worth a visit in its own right.

There was a dude from Microsoft who was pushing Azure ( for mobile development and did a quick presentation. I admire his bravery for presenting a MS product to a room full of iOS developers and even more for trying to demonstrate coding to the cloud in real time. It of course failed and wouldn’t even compile when he exported the project to Xcode. If you want to see a man sweat, make him debug code on a stage in front of hundreds of people. To be fair, his self deprecating sense of humour probably saved him from being tarred and feathered by an angry mob, and the product actually looked kind of interesting. I might check it out if I ever get any spare time.

Thanks for the feedback, very interesting

Thanks for the info @Reefwing. Now i understand why Simeon was so absent this last month.

Thanks @Reefwing! Are you still in Melbourne?

Hi @simeon - no I flew back to Sydney yesterday afternoon. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi.