Gravity Rush - new simple 2D game

I made something new: Gravity Rush, similar in idea to Tiny Wings or Yellow Fin …
Gravity driven race against the clock.
Like to check it out? See
btw. the Codea physics library is just great!

Cool! I’ll check it out. Let me copy it in…


Fantastic work, @Absche! That looks really well done. I really like the additional gravity mechanic and the holes in the ground.

Nice! Are you aware of our game Pilot Winds? It was released just after Tiny Wings, but had been in development for about a year before that. These games are all based on Wavespark by Nathan McCoy.

There are a few mechanics I added to Pilot Winds that I think improve in the Wavespark formula dramatically. The main one was a bounce mechanic when you were about to land on an uphill segment - tapping would cause you to bounce up instead of crashing.

Thanks a lot for the interest and the nice comments. @Dylan, I haven’t noticed Pilot Wings before. Thanks for the hint. I will download it. Yes, there are a lot more things you can do with the physics library body parameters…
Somebody with ideas about getting a nice colouring of the hills and the background. I tried it with meshes of rectangles, but I experienced some flickering.

uuh, i’m sorry - the highscore thing seems not to work properly … I have to correct this …