Gravity Drop is in the App Store

hey guys, my app, gravity drop, is in the app store. heres a link

i would really appreciate it if you guys downloaded it. I spent my whole summer on it.

thanks for all the help guys, more apps to come soon.
i know its $0.99 but that’s just to help pay for the developer liscense ($99/year)
as soon as i reach 143 downloads (enough to reach $99) i will make the app free. thank for all the support, again

edit: reviews are greatly appreciated. hopefully the international Codea community, can help get my app noticed in their respective countries. Thanks!

Congratulations @veeeralp - I have downloaded a copy. Great logo at the start.

thanks. i really appreciate it. I made it in school in 9th grade. had to make business cards for my computer graphics class.

Congrats! Quite an accomplishment.

What about GAME CENTER update? How would you do it with Codea?

.@Mark thanks. really appreciate the support

.@Cabernet I’m thinking of using @juaxix’s classes he made for game center. he has it in his game.

and what about paying taxes for your app? how did you do this? thanks

.@Cabernet i’m not entirely sure. im only a sophomore in highschool. maybe, @Simeon could answer

.@Cabernet just pay taxes on your local income, as normal. Apple will withhold tax if necessary for international sales (you can then lodge the necessary forms with the required governments to release withheld income). This is one of the best things about the App Store.

(On the Google Play store you’re left to handle this international accounting yourself.)

.@Reefwing I remember you mentioning your app rank when you made the post about it. I’m new to the app store and was just wondering what you used to check. thanks

Damn … 15 years Old! I’m really getting old :wink:
I’ll buy this app as soon as i’m at home this evening.
Congratulations @veeeralp!

.@veeeralp - I use App Figures ( which sends me daily emails about my App sales. You can also see all your reviews in one spot. It is excellent but you have to pay.

iTunes Connect will give you sales data and there is a free mobile app version which isn’t bad but you don’t get rankings. You can also see reviews in the web version but only one country at a time.

appTrends is an iPhone App which is good for rankings. I got it when it was first released (and was free). It also has reviews.

PositionApp is another iPhone App with rankings.

And a new release which I think is still free is Appstatics. This one just has rankings.

I’m sure there is plenty more if you search the app store.

.@yelnats thanks for downloading.

.@Reefwing thanks the numerous apps. however, i looked at the sales on itunes connect and i only got 2 sales. do you know what is defined as a day once your app is realeased. mine was realeased at 10:34 (EST )september 5th. also, im guessing there’s something weird because i got numerous retweets on twitter about my app. probably reached over 1500 people.

@veeralp congrats on publishing your first app! I can recommend for free daily emailed rankings and sales figures, or the MajicRank OSX app if you want to be glued to your rankings for the first few days :). Also from memory when I released an app my second day of sales was several times more than my first day, so I think the first day can just be a bit of an anomaly. Try to ignore it until you get a second, full day of sales as that will be more realistic. Anyway, well done bringing something new to the app store - I’ve never seen anything with those mechanics before I saw your game :slight_smile:

.@peteroyle ok thanks im using right now. thanks for the help. will look foward to seeing my second day. i remember that @Reefwing’s sales figures were much larger on the second day for some reason.

.@veeeralp - yes @peteroyle is correct. First day sales are always rubbish. It takes a few hours for your App to propagate to all the different stores and servers and it depends what time of the day and which day it was released on as well. I read something once that said to maximise sales if you had a utility app release it on a Monday but games are best released on a Saturday. I do seem to get a bump in sales on weekends and Christmas is also very good.

I suspect that a day for Apple is based on a day at Cupertino - where ever that is in America.

.@peteroyle - ha yes MajicRank, I used to use that and it is tempting to sit there and watch your sales. It stopped working at some stage for me (I think when upgrading OSX) and I never went back to it.

Ah … Cupertino. I remember it well.

Maybe not all that well. Used to drive through it from time to time.

.@Reefwing ok thanks that reassures me. a new project is keeping me busy now. its going to be much better than the first

i have an update on sales. right now i have sold 11 units since launch. (this is counting day 1 and 2) i was wondering if you guys think making it free would benefit my sales or if making it free with ads will. i know the ads is better but do you think its going to make the 11 people who have bought the app, mad

.@veeeralp my suggestion is to just keep making more games.

Whether you make this one free down the line is up to you, but now that you have a developer account you can make new games, submit them to Apple, and see how people respond. You might want to just use this as an opportunity to get better at your craft. Figure out what gets people playing.

I recently attended a talk by Kepa of Rocket Cat Games and his suggestion to game developers was: don’t update your games, make new ones.