Google map saved to Documents v2

This sample uses http.request to get a Google map then saves the map to Documents or Dropbox. User inputs an address for the map. The address string is processed to replace spaces with “+” signs. The address is sent to Google maps. Then the user enters a file name to be used for saving the image to Documents or Dropbox sprite storage.
v2 - simplified string proceesing, zoom is now controllable on map image.
The file can be downloaded at:

Nice job. This is cool.

Look into string.gsub() to optimize your space to plus converter. You can replace a lot of code with 1 or 2 lines of lua.

Thank you for the suggestion. Version two is available. I liked my subroutine, but one line of code is better than 20. Zoom is also now controllable.

Code is much nicer now; easier to read.