Google drive

Is there gonna be google drive support in the future?

What I’d like to see is support for sharing between any app for both source code and assets.

I use iFile to save some things, like PDF’s, and it would be very nice if there was an easy way to send a project to other apps and receive projects from other apps.

then, in Codea, I could simply press the “Share” button, choose iFile or Google Drive or whatever… and if I wanted to recover the project, I could go to Google Drive or iFile and share the file back to Codea from there.

Funny, if I try to export a project, from the apps I have installed, it lists I can open it with: Dropbox, FileManager, FTPManagerFree, Google Drive, and Box. Why not for sprites?

Yeah google drive has 5gb free and dropbox only has 2gb… So it would be nice for codea to have google drive support