Hi All,

Anyone using GitHub?

Can you tell me if you are using it for code transfers or use it’s full capabilities as a CVS. After my mess-up this morning with pasting code, and the size of code posted, I registered with them for a free account but was hoping just to use it for storage/publication and not to it’s full capabilities.

Anyone using it like this?


I use Github quite a lot for personal projects. These are largely Mac / Windows, so they use the full capabilities of Github. However, if you just want to store and share smaller amounts of code, it might be best to use Github gists:

You can create multiple files, share them, fork them, version them, but it doesn’t require you to use a full git system. You can edit and update code through your browser.

Or which I prefer over Github gists. It’s simpler and easier to use. IMO. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback frosty & bee. Since I’ve already set up a free account on GitHub I’ll use the gists there. But I’ll try out the pastebin to see which I prefer.
Thanks for the replies.