github and copy and paste

Ok - this is related to Codea/Lua, but tangental. Kinda. in a way.

I moved my Font stuff to github - - so yay, it’s all in one spot and easier to maintain.

But - heck if I can figure out how to make the ipad cut and paste from the webpage, so I can import it back in “fresh” to test to make sure it works. When I press and hold over my code - nothing happens. When i choose “raw”, I can select words, or lines (sometimes). But never a “select all”. What I’d like - what I’m hoping is there, somewhere, hid from my dim brain, is a “copy all to clipboard” button or the like. Or perhaps there’s some special dance move I can do to get a “select all” going on. Oddly, I don’t have this problem on gist - which is part of github. FASCINATING.

Any tips?

(I can do “edit”, then grab from the box - it works, I can even ‘select all’. But to do that, you need to fork the project, and that’s lame.)

I’ve only been able to grab a line by holding down, then expanding it. Sometimes that does work and other times I can’t stop at the bottom and get some text from the page.

I had that same dilemma with all these links to GitHub. I found a free app called iUnarchive Lite that lets you open tar files. From GitHub you can download files and they come in tar files. Open the file with iUnarchive. Once it’s been opened in the app you should be able to edit the code files and in the text editor you can do a Select All and then copy it over to Codea. A bit of a roundabout way of doing it, but it works.

Very helpful thx

I’ve managed to do this. Select any word, then drag the bottom of the selection a bit so it will select whole lines, the drag the top of the selection all the way to the start of the text book. It will select all