Git or other code management

Having just deleted literally tens of lines of code :slight_smile: I am thinking some code management is in order.

I can put a Git repository on my Mac, then mail a copy of the code to myself, put it into the file (or files?) save it, and commit it to the Git repository.

Not exactly smooth but not bad. Has anyone a better approach?


if you want github:

I would of o also have a look at Codea Community, it’s great:


I wrote this system a little while ago - still using it for my own projects. The basic idea is that you proxy git commit, push and pull via a web service. Works with any Git hosting site that supports SSH keys for authentication (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, and others)

There is a tiny website that tries to expain it:

Hi Jude and all,

Is this still the hot way to do git connection, or is there something newer / better? Thanks!

@RonJeffries You may want to checkout Working Copy. It’s a github client on the iPad with seemingly good Codea integration. Take a look at (and also search the forum for “Working Copy”).

Thanks! I’ll have a look, tho @juce 's thing is working nicely for me so far!