Hi guys it there any way that I can use gifs I have tried this code and it only uses this first image of the gif soooooo is there any way that I can use

– Downloading an image
function setup()
logoImage = nil

-- Request some data
http.request( '',
              didGetImage )


– Our callback function
function didGetImage( theImage, status, head )
logoImage = theImage

function draw()
if logoImage ~= nil then
sprite(logoImage, WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2,WIDTH)

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Hello @Dantheman2001, you can’t use GIFs as far as I’m aware but you can use sprite sheets. If you don’t know what a sprite sheet is imagine all the frames you have in your GIF laid out on one big image. You only show a section of that big image and move the big image around to show each different frame through that section. Have a search around the forums there are some great examples and some pre-built functions for creating/reading sprite sheets that users have made.

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