Getting Project name

Is there a way to get the name of the project you are working on in codea? It appears that readProjectInfo() only has the preset Description and Author values.

Ive only heard of Author and Description, but you may want to ask someone else that has more experience than me

I’ve also wanted this more than once. It would be great if Codea could insert the project name into the project info when a project is created.

I’ve been thinking about this a little more, and I think what would be even better is if Codea could provide the running project name as a global variable. Mainly I think this would be better because it would prevent issues with the project name field in the project data getting out of sync if e.g. I duplicated the project or whatever. If nobody has yet I’ll add this to the issue tracker, I would love to see this, and it seems like a pretty simple thing to do.

Good idea @toadkick I could really use that functionality.

Hi @toadkick,

I support this, but I would extend it further and also have Project Version and Project Description added as global variables which could be loaded up with each program and displayed in the program header.

It would also be useful to display this data under the icon in the program listings. Another suggestion might be a global variable to hold an image for the program so that we can display them like the example programs - this could be a simple path/URL to the relevant icon file.