Gaz simulation

i was in a plane for many hours this week, so i coded that to have a little fun:
here is the code
It is a gaz simulation. The color of the particles is according to their speed. You can move the walls (not too fast, or particles will tunnel through!). There are 2 types of sensors: temperature and pressure. You can move them too. Not sure how accurate the physics is, but it is funny.


thank you @Ignatz !

I remember playing with something like this back in college science. I’m still not sure why this is the go to example when there’s no pressure involved between particles. Very fun to play with though.

That’s awesome! That seems like a fun app

famous?like molecule movement

great work

Great work, and your 3D sphere project was beautiful =D> =D>

thanks guys! It’s funny that this old post (2 months old) got very little feedback, and is bubbling up now… :slight_smile: