GAME JAM: Bridge Builder(Update #2)

Hey! I was fooling around with some of my examples, and I managed to combine them into a big project, Bridge Builder! Sorry it’s a bit rushed, I wanted to enter the game jam ASAP! Hope you like it @yojimbo2000, more levels coming soon!

A level editor would be awesome as well! :slight_smile:

I like it. So basically you can stretch the bridge as wide as you wish. if so, what’s the actual challenge? sorry for the stupid question, but couldn’t run it and try it by myself :wink:

Update #2:
@deactive at that point in time there was no challenge. In this update I have improved the game as a whole, as well as the experience.


•New levels! I can’t even beat the last one.

•Limit on size of beams! This is just to make the game harder

•Clear button! Ill get around to individual rotating/editing soon.

•Score! This just displays the cost of the bridge

The code is updated on Github



I’m enjoying this a lot. Got to level 4 (I think? Some indication of the level you’re on would be good).

On the video I thought it looked easy, but it’s really hard! I like games like that.

Thanks! I should definitely add that in - wouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just say one thing-ramps are your friend! I think I beat nearly every level using a ramp of some sort - but you’ll have to be creative and see if you can do it for cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely got that one-more-go factor.

This is pretty cool