Game hallp

I give up X( :-q

My game is finished :smiley:

But not in lua in java instead :-((


I will :X It if you can recreate it in lua. :smiley:

So, just for the record, are you David Brackeen, author of the Java game book example linked to here? Because you are saying that YOU finished the game, and that code is definitely authored by Mr. Brackeen.

Or maybe… are you trolling us, bro?

Yes that’s my friend’s name.

My name is in there… sumwere.

(and my name is Connor Waller)

Okay thanks for clearing that up. Unfortunately I am too busy with my new project to take this on. Maybe @Codeslinger would be interested. Good luck.

Hello @Vega and @Connorbot999. The licence terms for the source code for Mr Brackeen’s book appear to be published here.

That’s for java not lua so I’m afraid we can’t follow my friend’s book. :frowning:

For iOS we need better art controls and level’s

I will do better game art for it next week. :smiley:

Game name:Ghost Cloud The Adventure

Splash screen art link:

Is it an Adventure, or is he an Avenger, or did you make up a new word combining the two and he is an Adventurous Avenger?


It is Fix. :smiley:

Game art link: