Game hallp

I have an game for you guy’s to make

You tap were you want your grappling-hock to go and you swing to the finish
(you ar a sprite)
Plez make the map like this








make the player rotate

And make more level’s

Not forgetting scrolling

It is an interesting idea, but why not make it yourself?

My scrolling and map is to glichey

Can you hallp [-O<

Well, if you provide code, I’m sure myself or someone else would be glad to look at it.

Some people just don’t GET IT! The greatest ideas, the brightest minds, but nobody wants to help.



I have an game for you guy’s to make

How is anybody supposed to understand this? Using all of my wit, Google, whatever, I started to understand. You used the possessive s “guy’s” instead of the singulars (that’s the plural of singular). You wanted to write “guys”. Not to mention “an game”, …


See, we’re programmers, we don’t function with improper syntax. We fuck up.

So, go ahead and rewrite your request in plain English. You’ll see, everybody will love you to death.

Harsh but true :-S

So I take it you won’t hallp with his grappling-hock? :smiley:

No need to make fun of him @toadkick. At the same time I’m having trouble understanding what you are trying to say @Connorbot999. If you want other people to write code for you, you’ll need to spend more time writing your posts so other people can understand your ideas, and even then there’s no guarantee that someone will do it. Sometimes the best thing to do is work hard to make it yourself.

Sorey :-((

Sorry @Connorbot999, that was mean of me :frowning:

I think the real question, @Connorbot999, is still why not continue to work on it yourself? You say yours is too glitchy–well, if you could post some code, maybe someone could help (@Deamos has offered for one.)

I think we’re just all busy enough with our own projects and ideas that implementing one of your ideas from scratch is costly in terms of the opportunity to develop our own. If you could post what you have, no matter how bad–maybe point to what’s not working for you (if you can isolate it)–I’m sure you’ll get the help you need.

But unless someone ardently wants to create your game as much as you, I would not count on someone writing it for you entirely.

My greatest learning experiences have come from having a bash myself, finding problems, getting some guidance and then personally developing the solution.

Why so serious, do I need a sarcasm tag? Or do we all need one?

@Codeslinger: There’s a difference between sarcasm and making a joke at someone else’s expense. And for people who don’t speak english fluently I think it’s unlikely that they will get it either way.

@John, I think a lot of people were confused about whether Connor was not a native English speaker, or was trying for a sort of “leet speak.”. As often happens, it’s easy to read intent into messages, even if it’s not there.

maybe someone can translate from his native language, if that is the problem here…

I did find the glich I will show in a day or so! :!!

Please spare your efforts if your code is going to look like this

or this

But feel free to surprise us, I’d be glad if you create something of value.

And to everybody else: no, it’s not the language.

Still, that’s not very nice.

We (or perhaps I) don’t know his/her background, age, or ability.

Over the years on forums, I have learned that not all users have the capability to communicate or conduct themselves as we (I) perceive to be a certain standard.

I welcome all input though sometimes I have to hold my tongue/fingers.