Game Center Request.

I was wondering if there was a way to pull up the Game Center leaderboards by tapping a true/false button in Codea, and communicate that to Xcode.

@YoloSwag from your app or a one made previously?

@kirorp. From my app in Codea right now. It hasn’t been finalized yet.

@YoloSwag likely not because your app has to be registered by apple and the code for Game Center is written in objective c. I’m not a apple dev but that’s what I’m aware of.

@YoloSwag, if you export to Xcode and properly include @Zoyt’s Game Center library, you can do exactly what you are saying.

you make the button and everything in Codea, and set the callback for your button to the showGameCenter (i think thats what it is called) function. the library will do the rest.

Thank you @JakAttak. I will try doing that.

Let me know if you nelp. I check y notificatily, but I dont check the actal forum.