Game Center Functionality

Is there a more recent way to add Game Center for Codea. I have tried @ReefWing 's tutorials, but they are not working on my devices or on the iOS simulator as it prompts me to create a new account and doesn’t use the one i already have. Also i can’t get it to work on iPhone.

I think @Zoyt made an add on somewhere, maybe try a search?

Look inside the source code for StackIt:

@Zoyt. Thank you, that has helped a lot. However, I got Game Center to work at first, but i was messing around trying to sign in and now it gives me this error.

Authentication error: Error Domain=GKErrorDomain Code=2 “The requested operation has been cancelled or disabled by the user.”

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Or how to not cancel or disable it?

@YoloSwag - Haha. Here we go again: What happens after you press cancel 6 times in GameCenter? It locks you out from signing into that game with GameCenter. I had the same issue, so I spent some money and contacted Apple Support, and they said all you have to do is reset your settings (General > Reset > Reset All Settings). Hope that helps.