Future wish list.

I thought it might be handy to have a thread with features that we would love to see added to Codea in future releases. Here are a few I’d love to see.

##Wish List

  • url scheme to allow individual project launch from springboard.
  • The ability to create a project in code, much like saveProjectTab. ex. saveProject(“name”,code)
  • The ability to get the current name of the opened project.
  • The ability to list the dependencies used in the project via function. ex. listProjectDependencies()
  • Editor addons. It would be nice if we had the ability to extend the editor with our custom addons. One that I would love to have is the ability to add a button to use my code documenter which behaves similar to pythons documentation.
  • The ability to package the project/runtime, send it to a mac server, build it and install it on springboard. (Dringend’s method)
  • Allow openURL() to be passed a html formatted string for viewing the Codea’s web browser.
  • Ability to know the current device language. @zoyt
  • GLSL shader docs. @zoyt
  • Ability to anchor projects to the front of the list.
  • Set the timeout in http.request.

Just some food for thought.

Someone’s been using Pythonista a lot. :wink: Anyways, 100% agree with #1-3. IMO, #4 would be a big task, which I don’t see too much point in, unless you could test Obj-C add ons. That being said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to at least contact the Dringend and see if he had any interest for creating an API for external apps to use its service to do things like that. But that’s pretty unlikely the developer (or developers, their tweets imply both) would do that.
I’d also just like to say that Codea has exceeded the $7 I pitched into it (back in the day). To me, it’s been worth hundreds. There’s still nothing quite like this engine that does its task so well.
P.S. Any specific reason this is in the beta category?

Heck I’d love to pay for Codea AddOns. Codea has been the best app that I’ve purchased. What gave away my pythonista use :slight_smile:

I very much agree with @briafox requests.
So you’ve been using pythonista a lot and dropped it for Codea?

Commenting on what @Briarfox said, I agree, I’d be willing to contribute more money towards Codea, but Simeon does have a point for removing the in app purchase. Also, by add ons, do you mean extra features to Codea, or things coded in Obj-C for the Codea runtime?
I’d also like to bring up the concept of the community having the ability to submit Codea Add Ons for the runtime/Codea itself for revision and inclusion in Codea. That way, a lot of features requests could be fulfilled by the community itself.

@Jmv38 I was just toying around with pythonista, I love all the modules but Codea is still home. I play in pythonista until I get an idea, then I open codea and make it :slight_smile:

Id love a better debugger. Maybe a resurrection of Debugea?

@JakAttak - +10

@Briarfox URL schemes are likely the next feature I start working on

@JakAttak we are working on something like that in an experimental branch, the renderer needs to be made multi-threaded for that to happen.

I’d also like to be able to look at just music assets, or just sound. A toggle in the asset viewer to switch between All/Image/Music/Sound would be splendid.

@Simeon it would also be really cool if we could open an html string in openURL(). This would be great for showing formatted information such as code documentation in the codea web browser.

My 2 requests: Ability to know the current device language (even though I could do it via the runtime) and GLSL shader docs.


I think it would be very handy if we have the ability to lock a few projects to the front of the project list. I’m constantly having to scroll through projects to find my library and CC projects when in last opened mode.

Added a request to set the timeout time in http.request. I’m running into issues with large image transfers. They can time out before they finish.

bug report
when recording a video while spriting a 600x400 mesh with camera input in the top part of the screen, only the bottom part of the screen is recorded! Works ok if i go to a 1200x800 mesh. looks like a real bug.

@simeon have you noticed the bug described above? Is it enough or should i post code and a video to proove the problem?
[edit] in this post http://codea.io/talk/discussion/5022/camera-shader#Item_2 there is a video with the problem. The code link to CC is there too.

###another problem with 2.0 api.
the instant compilation in the editor and error detection is good, but:

  • when the error message is long i cannot read it all!
  • i cannot copy the error message to post it in this forum!

that would be nice if by pressing the error message

  1. it would be fully displayed, and
  2. it would be copied in the pasteboard

###video recor bug.
hi @John or @Simeon ! I am currently working on an image processing workbench, but i cant export videos from it because the record feature is broken. Are you aware of this, and do you plan to solve it in future release? Thanks for your answer!