Function hiding

I think this has been discussed before although it may not have. I always liked the ability to minimise functions in the editor so it just shows the name then hides the rest of the text, I find this really useful when editing lua on a laptop or pc but there’s no such feature in codea, will this be added in 1.6? It gets tiring scrolling back and forth 2000 lines, and as well as that it causes lag in the editor which then doesn’t display text (used to happen in previous version, a lot more stable now!) but this can usually be fixed by closing and opening codea, sometimes just hitting the home button and opening codea again fixes this, but I’m sure it would free up some, if not a lot of memory if say a 500 line setup function was hidden, we already have tags next to the start of each function!

It is not in v1.6, sadly. @Simeon is working on a completely new editor, if you’re watching CodeaCommits, so he might add it then. By the way, what you’re talking about is called “code folding”.

Ahh, but that’s great news and its got a name! Ill have to check out codea commits too