Full screen no buttons escape gesture problem

I have discovered a major problem with the two finger triple tap escape gesture when used in full screen no buttons mode, which is similar to the problem that I reported in 2013 at the following thread.


Here are two examples to illustrate the problem.

Example #1

1) Open the "Multi Touch" demo project that comes with Codea.
2) Run the project and observe how it behaves when two fingers are tapped quickly
on the screen.  The circles should disappear immediately.
3) Now add "displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS)" in function setup and run
the project.
4) Now tap once with two fingers and see that the circles don't disappear immediately
off the screen.  Try touching the screen with one, three, four and five fingers and
everything works as expected.
5) This problem does not occur when "displayMode(FULLSCREEN)" is used, but only
when the buttons are hidden.

Example #2

Run the following code and tap on the screen with two fingers, and notice that the “touchCount” variable stays on “2” for around a second. When the touchCount variable is a zero again, perform the two finger triple tap escape gesture and notice that the touchCount variable does not reset back to zero.

function setup()
    touchCount = 0

function draw()
    text(touchCount, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

function touched(touch)
    if touch.state == BEGAN then
        touchCount = touchCount + 1
    elseif touch.state == ENDED then
        touchCount = touchCount - 1

These are the exact same problems that I reported in 2013 in the above thread, but it was then with three fingers instead of two. If the two finger triple tap escape gesture is to be kept in Codea I think this problem needs to be fixed.

The escape gesture is now removed from Codea 2.2 in favour of pressing the home button and resuming the app, this seems to work much better. It will be released soon!

Awesome, that sounds good. I’m really looking forward to the next release of Codea. :slight_smile: